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Promoting apoptosis of neutrophils and phagocytosis by macrophages: novel strategies in the resolution of inflammation

By Katherine R. Martin, et al. − Neutrophils play an essential role in the acute phase of inflammation. They can promote resolution, but  are also loaded with extremely powerful molecules. Therefore a key to mounting an effective immune response … [read more ...]


Arthroplasty – current strategies for the management of knee osteoarthritis

By Sufian S. Ahmad, et al. − For the management of osteoarthritis,a stepwise approach based on the severity of symptoms is recommended, beginning with preventive approaches and ending with joint resurfacing and arthroplasty in advanced stages of … [read more ...]

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Current status and updated recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of plasma cell myeloma in Switzerland

By Panagiotis Samaras, et al. − The availability of drugs such as thalidomide, bortezomib and lenalidomide changed the landscape in myeloma treatment and has extended the median survival up to 10 years with a substantial improvement in quality of … [read more ...]


Rituximab in the treatment of ANCA-associated vasculitides

By Thomas Daikeler, et al. −  The antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitides are a group of primary vasculitides that affect predominantly small- to medium-sized blood vessels. This review explores the emerging role of rituximab … [read more ...]

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Authoring scientific papers: a perspective from the trenches

By Adriano Aguzzi − It has taken a while, but the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (SAAS) have come out with a valuable booklet on authorships of scientific manuscripts. This recommendations, published now also as a special article in the Swiss Medical Weekly, aspire to serve as a practical guide for principal investigators confronted […]

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Biomarker-guided personalised emergency medicine for all – hope for another hype?

By Philipp Schuetz, et al. − Today there is a need for a safe and efficient, but more personalised, approach to routine medical and nursing care of patients with common complaints. With this aim, laboratory tests can be of help. The term … [read more...]

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Hepatitis C: a changing epidemic

By Gilles Wandeler, et al. − Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a major source of liver disease, causing approximately one quarter of all cases of liver cirrhosis and cancer worldwide, and accounting for 500,000 deaths per year. This review … [read more...]

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Accuracy of doctors’ anthropometric measurements in general practice

By Paul Sebo, et al. − Recent findings from a study involving GPs working in an academic primary care clinic showed that the newer measurement methods were unreliable for identifying obesity. Our findings confirm that the classical anthropometric … [read more ...]


Post-treatment surveillance of head and neck cancer: pitfalls in the interpretation of FDG PET-CT/MRI

By Christian Martin Meerwein, et al. − FDG PET-CT has become a valuable tool in post-treatment surveillance. However, there are various non-malignant FDG-positive conditions, which may cause increased FDG uptake. The aim of this study was to … [read more ...]


Perinatal mental health service provision in Switzerland and in the UK

By Rita T. Amiel Castro, et al. − The organisation and provision of perinatal mental health services may vary greatly from country to country. Reports about the Swiss perinatal mental health provision with information provided by Swiss health … [read more ...]

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Efficacy of continuous catheter analgesia of the sciatic nerve after total knee arthroplasty

By Dietrich Huebner and Jan P. Benthien − The femoral nerve catheter is an established method in postoperative pain control after total knee arthroplasty. The additional application of a single-shot or continuous sciatic nerve block is under … [read more ...]

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Associations between alcohol use expectancies and drinking problems among French soldiers

By Vanessa Marbac-Delon, et al. − A number of studies report that excessive drinking is common among military personnel. The military alcohol is often claimed to have some positive effects like assisting in group bonding or raising the morale, but … [read more ...]

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Saccadic eye movement: indicator of driving ability in elderly drivers

By Kai-Uwe Schmitt, et al. − Several types of saccadic eye movements are well known  to be physiological markers of general cognitive status. The application of such eye measurements to traffic medicine was examined in this study. … [read more ...]


Assisted reproductive medicine: outcomes, key trends and recommendations

By Christian De Geyter, et al.  − Detailed analysis of the Swiss ART registry database (FIVNAT-CH) clearly demonstrates the age-dependency of both the delivery and the multiple delivery rates after embryo transfer. Ovarian stimulation in ART … [read more ...]

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