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The advent of biosimilars: challenges and risks

Biosimilars represent a new class of medicinal products that will have significant impact on clinical use. They are identical on a amino acid sequence level to existing reference biopharmaceutical products. However, they may exhibit differences on a … [read more ...]

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Vascular dysfunction in children conceived by assisted reproductive technologies: underlying mechanisms and future implications

The data presented in this review suggest that Assisted reproductive technologies (ART)  has lost its innocence and represents a major novel cardiovascular risk factor expected to be present in 2% to 4% of the population in industrialised countries … [read more ...]

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Bisphosphonate induced hypocalcaemia

Intravenous bisphosphonates are widely used to treat osteoporosis and bone metastasis in cancer patients. The risk of hypocalcaemia is a rare but underestimated side effect of anti-resorptive treatment. Clinically apparent hypocalcaemia is mostly … [read more...]

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Cognitive and emotional effects of carotid stenosis

Patients with CAS often show decreased cognitive performance and increased anxiety level. Bilateral and symptomatic stenosis is associated with slower processing speed. Factors associated with less cognitive impairment included higher education … [read more ...]

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Length of stay, patients’ outcome and satisfaction in ­Switzerland before and after SwissDRG implementation

What is known: On 1 January 2012 a new uniform case-based payment system for inpatients (SwissDRG) was introduced in Switzerland. What this paper adds: Mean LOS in the overall patient population was comparable between the 2011 cohort and the 2012 … [read more ...]

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Reduction in the use of diagnostic tests in infants with risk factors for early-onset neonatal sepsis does not delay anti­biotic treatment

Diagnostic tests are commonly used to evaluate whether antibiotics should be started in infants at risk for early-onset neonatal sepsis. This study indicates that infants with neonatal infection can be identified early by means of clinical … [read more ...]


Function and activity in patients with knee arthroplasty: validity and reliability of a German version of the Lysholm Score and the Tegner Activity Scale

The Lysholm score and the Tegner activity scale are widely used for assessing knee function and activity level after knee ligament injuries. This paper adds that those questionnaires can also be used in patients with a total knee arthroplasty. … [read more ...]

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Off-pump compared to minimal extracorporeal circulation surgery in coronary artery bypass grafting

Although OPCABG and MECC are established procedures in coronary artery bypass grafting, only little is known when both techniques are compared. This paper helps to understand the benefits and pitfalls of the procedures emphasising serological values … [read more ...]

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Baseline data of a population-based cohort of patients with diabetes in Switzerland

Only scarce data are available in Switzerland regarding diabetes care. This study broadly described the health, experiences and care of patients with diabetes, using a wide range of quality indicators. … [read more ...]

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Alcohol-attributable mortality in Switzerland in 2011

Several estimates for alcohol-attributable mortality in Switzerland exist. This paper presents results based on an up to date method and the newest available data. Compared to earlier studies, fewer deaths are prevented by alcohol and the role of … [read more ...]

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