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Novel psychoactive substances (designer drugs)

By Matthias E. Liechti − In the last years we have seen an unprecedented growth in the number of new psychoactive substances on the illicit drug market. In the European Union (EU), 41 novel psychoactive substances were identified for the first time … [read more ...]

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Clinical decision support systems

By Patrick Emanuel Beeler, David Westfall Bates, Balthasar Luzius Hug − The volume, complexity and dynamics of clinical information are a challenge for physicians and other health professionals. Clinical decision support (CDS) systems help to … [read more ...]

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Swiss clinical practice guidelines on field cancerization of the skin

By Günther Hofbauer, Mark Anliker, Wolf-Henning Boehncke, et al. − Actinic keratoses are caused by chronic ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure. Two or more actinic keratoses on photodamaged skin signal field cancerization and an increased risk for … [read more ...]

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General management of nonagenarian patients: a review of the literature

By Romain Rivoirard, Cyrus Chargari, Jane-Chloe Trone, et al. − The European and American populations are aging. However, the elderly are often ­excluded from clinical trials and are underrepresented in clinical registries, especially … [read more ...]

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Investigators of studies of n = 1: Pioneers or kamikazes?

By Nicole R. Bonetti and Jürg H. Beer − Case reports are always fascinating and lively, they tell stories – “les histoires de chasse”, as the French call it – much appreciated by clinically working physicians. All experienced doctors carry a wealth of them, they remind us of our own personal experiences, successes and failures, […]


Organ donation after circulatory death in Switzerland: slow but constant progress

By Franz F. Immer − Worldwide, the number of patients wait-listed for organ transplantation is growing. In most countries, however, there is a shortage of donor organs. Switzerland has one of the lowest post mortem donation rates among European countries.

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Telemedicine: ­decentralised blood pressure ­telemonitoring

By Egbert Godehard Schulz, Alexander Stahmann, Claas Lennart Neumann − Telemedicine bridges the spatial distance between doctors, medical and care services, and patients. It includes data transmission, alarm functionalities, consultations and … [read more...]


Assessment of microcirculation by contrast-enhanced ultrasound: a new approach in vascular medicine

By Mathias Kaspar, Sasan Partovi, Markus Aschwanden, et al. − The use of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) for clinical vascular imaging has increased significantly during the last several years. This review article discusses CEUS as a novel … [read more...]

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General practitioner or specialist as a PCP: patients’ experiences

By Matthieu Sauter, Jacques Spagnoli, Brigitte Santos-Eggimann − Patients’ perception is a broad area of research, because of the importance of the physician-patient relationship. This study provides an insight into this relationship in primary … [read more ...]

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Adherence to transfusion guidelines: are we prepared for the Smarter Medicine or Choosing Wisely® initiative?

By Bernard Surial, Andreas Burkhart, Nicolas Terliesner, et al. − It has been shown in various settings that liberal transfusion strategies are associated with adverse outcomes, and therefore new recommendations have been proposed. This paper adds … [read more ...]


SwissScoring – a nationwide survey of SAPS II assessing practices and its accuracy

By Marco Previsdomini, Bernard Cerutti, Paolo Merlani, et al. − The vast majority of information on severity scores is based on values that were recorded by specifically trained people. We investigated the quality of the SAPS II score assessed by … [read more ...]

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Chronic kidney disease in a rural region of Haiti

By Felix Burkhalter, Herriot Sannon, Michael Mayr, et al. − This is the first study which provides data on the prevalence and associated risk factors for CKD in Haiti. … [read more ...]

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Iron deficiency in infancy: is an immigrant more at risk?

By Marie-Elise Verga, Véronique Widmeier-Pasche, Maya Beck-Popovic, et al. − Iron deficiency is the most common deficiency in the world, but few studies exist in developed countries. Our prospective study shows low prevalence of iron deficiency … [read more ...]

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Treatment outcomes of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Switzerland

By Peter Helbling et al. − Treatment outcomes for tuberculosis, resistant or not, were known to be satisfactory. The present study assessed, for the first time nationwide and using international standards, the outcomes of the more difficult to … [read more ...]

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