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Development of new antibiotics: taking off finally?

By Esther Bettiol and Stephan Harbarth – Antimicrobial resistance threatens modern day medicine. Research and development (R&D) of much-needed new antibiotics active against multiresistant pathogens is a key component of all programmes aiming … [read more...]

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Cardiovascular implantable electronic device infections

Because cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) improve symptoms and survival of patients with heart diseases their use has increased; simultaneously, the rate of CIED-associated infections has risen, from 1.53% in 2004 to 2.41% in 2008, … [read more...]

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Salient features of the coronary collateral circulation

By Michael Stoller and Christian Seiler – The coronary collateral circulation provides an alternative source of blood supply to myocardium jeopardised by ischaemia. The protective effect of a well-developed coronary collateral circulation … [read more ...]

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Left ventricular thrombus ­formation after AMI

Left ventricular thrombus formation is a feared complication following acute myocardial infarction, predominantly owing to the risk of thromboembolism, in particular, stroke.

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Vaccination recommendations for adult patients with autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases

By Silja Bühler, et al. – The number of individuals with autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases (AIIRDs) treated with immunosuppressive drugs is increasing steadily. The immunosuppressants, as well as the AIIRD itself, increase the risk of … [read more ...]

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Biomedical informatics in Switzerland: need for action

By Christian Lovis and Jürg Blaser – Biomedical informatics is an umbrella scientific field that covers a broad spectrum of disciplines, from bioinformatics to clinical and public health informatics. It is becoming ever more important as eHealth … [read more ...]

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Transient synovitis of the hip: which investigations are truly useful?

By Victor Dubois-Ferrière, et al. – Transient synovitis of the hip (TSH) is a benign condition. The presenting symptoms may occur in many other potentially serious hip conditions. It is unclear whether all possible alternate diagnoses should be … [read more ...]


Attitudes towards evaluation of psychiatric disability claims

By Stefan Schandelmaier, et al. – Little empirical data informs about the views of stakeholders involved in disability claims. This first survey adds a comprehensive picture of their perceptions and ­indicates possibilities for improvement. … [read more ...]

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Family ties: young breast cancer patients and their children

There is only scarce information regarding the impact of motherhood on compliance/persistence with breast cancer therapy. Data regarding the age distribution of children whose mothers were diagnosed with breast cancer might be of interest with regard … [read more ...]

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