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Comorbidity in rheumatoid arthritis

By Carl Turesson: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is associated with increased mortality compared with the general population, mainly due to other coexisting diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and infections. There has been major progress in the … [read more...]


Mechanisms of protein homeo­stasis in health, aging and disease

By Pierre Goloubinoff: Aging is a natural and necessary degenerative process of the somatic cells, leading to death. Young embryonic, germline and cancer cells are potentially immortal by virtue of their ability to massively produce optimal defences … [read more...]


Gastrointestinal tract: the leading role of mucosal immunity

By Anna Steinert, et al.: The importance of immunological factors in gastrointestinal diseases is highlighted by the fact that most lymphocytes in the human body are located within the digestive tract. An inability of the mucosal immune system to … [read more...]


Optogenetically inspired deep brain stimulation: linking basic with clinical research

By Christian Lüscher and Pierre Pollak: Optogenetics is a technique whereby light is used to activate sensitive ion channels such as channelrhodopsin, which are genetically expressed in selected neurons. This method can modulate neural activity and … [read more...]


Complement receptor immunoglobulin

By Annabelle G. Small, et al.: Complement receptor immunoglobulin (CRIg) may turn out to be a valuable biomarker in infection and immunity, inflammatory conditions and ­cancer prognosis. However, its exciting properties in animal models have not … [read more...]

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UV radiation protection and skin cancer awareness in athletes

By Sebastian Christoph, et al.: This study was designed to ­assess the UVR protection and skin cancer awareness among recreational athletes attending the largest running event in Switzerland. … [read more ...]


High-sensitivity tropo­nin T levels in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

By Stefanie Hasler, et al.: Several studies suggest that elevated biomarkers, including cardiac troponins, may be associated with more ­severe disease expression and potentially more adverse ­outcome in patients with HCM, as in patients with heart … [read more ...]

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Implementation of a hospital-­integrated general practice

By Corinne Chmiel, et al.: Emergency-departments are overcrowded by lower acuity patients, who might be more efficiently treated by general practitioners. This study evaluated the impact of triaging lower acuity patients to a new … [read more ...]

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