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Regulatory T cells: balancing protection versus pathology

Properly balanced regulatory T cell (Treg) function and activation is essential to prevent immune pathology while allowing protective immune responses. Tregs specialise into subsets with distinct functional properties. However, the plasticity … [read more...]


Dual-energy CT imaging of pulmonary hypertension

Dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) of the chest combines morph­ological analysis with functional information on pulmonary perfusion. This review describes how DECT imaging with perfusion maps may play an important role in pulmonary hypertension. … [read more...]

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Where are we in our understanding and treatment of osteoarthritis?

Research into effective treatments for osteoarthritis has been hampered by gaps in our understanding of the underlying pathology, difficulties in recruiting appropriate patients into clinical trials and a lack of reliable means to assess efficacy. … [read more...]


Stroke research at the crossroads – where are we heading?

Prognosis for stroke patients remains poor and the need to discover effective treatments is a priority. Currently, research efforts are shifting from early neuroprotection to mechanisms involved in subsequent processes such as stroke-associated … [read more...]


PCSK9 inhibitors and statin ­intolerance

Statins are the most widely prescribed class of drugs worldwide and are generally safe and well tolerated; however, statin intolerance is not uncommon in real-world practice. Patients who are at high cardiovascular risk but cannot achieve low-density … [read more...]

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Prospective validation and adaptation of the HOSPITAL score

The HOSPITAL score is a simple prediction model that accurately identifies patients at high risk of ­­readmission and showed good performance in an international multicentre retrospective study. The authors aimed to ­demonstrate prospectively its … [read more ...]


Postponed pregnancies and risks of very advanced maternal age

Social freezing may be the optimal strategy for companies to employ young, cheap and powerful females and keep them attached to the company in their most productive phase. However, the propagated advantages of total gender equality owing to … [read more ...]


Identification and ­characterisation of familial hypercholesteraemia

The study illustrates how clinical and translational ­research can benefit from a dedicated institutional platform integrating both a hospital-based biobank and a data support team. … [read more ...]


31 years of lung cancer in the ­canton of Zurich, Switzerland

Lung cancer belongs to the most common cancers in Switzerland. The authors examined trends in lung cancer incidence, with focus on sex, histology and laterality, in the Canton of Zurich since 1980. … [read more ...]

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Heterogeneity in testing practices for infections during pregnancy

Detection and treatment of infections during pregnancy are important for both maternal and child health. The ­objective of this study was to describe testing practices and adherence to current national guidelines in Switzerland. … [read more ...]

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