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Current challenges in handling genetic data

By Felix Gutzwiller and Patricia R. Blank− In recent years the opportunities for collecting individual genetic data have expanded dramatically. Technological advances in high-throughput sequencing … [Read More...]

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The advent of biosimilars: challenges and risks

Biosimilars represent a new class of medicinal products that will have significant impact on clinical use. They are identical on a amino acid sequence level to existing reference biopharmaceutical products. However, they may exhibit differences on a … [read more ...]

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The role of teriparatide in sequential and combination therapy of osteoporosis

Treatment of osteoporosis with antiresorptive agents cannot fully and rapidly restore bone mass and structure that has been lost because of increased remodelling. However, recombinant human parathyroid analogues, such teriparatide, do increase the … [read more ...]

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Proteostasis: bad news and good news from the endoplasmic reticulum

By Julia Noack, Giorgia Brambilla Pisoni and Maurizio Molinari− Production and maintenance of a functional proteome is crucial for cells, tissues and organisms viability. Highly efficient folding, quality control and transport machineries located … [read more ...]

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Heart transplantation: current practice and outlook to the future

By Roger Hullin − Heart transplantation is the treatment of choice in selected patients remaining in advanced heart failure (HF) despite optimal medical therapy. This paper reviews the current practice of heart transplantation and discuss the … [read more...]

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Tuberculosis in a Swiss hospital

By Carlo Balmelli, Frédéric Zysset, Alberto Pagnamenta, et al. − Patients with smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis may contaminate persons with whom they come in contact. This contact investigation in a hospital setting among HCW and patients … [read more ...]

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Vitamin D status among children and adolescents and anticonvulsant drugs

By Vera Ramelli, Gian Paolo Ramelli, Sebastiano A. G. Lava, et al. − There is a worldwide epidemic of hypovitaminosis D among children and adolescents. The present study indicates a relevant tendency towards hypovitaminosis D also among children … [read more ...]


Does an obesity paradox exist?

By Fabienne Witassek, Matthias Schwenkglenks, Paul Erne, Dragana Radovanovic − The observation that obese patients seem to have better outcomes than normal weight patients in a variety of disease conditions is known as “the obesity paradox”. … [read more ...]

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Admissions of patients with alcohol intoxication in the emergency department: a growing phenomenon

By Nicolas Bertholet, Angéline Adam, Mohamed Faouzi, et al.− The burden of unhealthy alcohol use on hospitals is important and the challenges addressed by alcohol intoxication-related admissions to the Emergency Department (ED) system are complex. … [read more ...]


New remuneration system for inpatient psychiatry

By Ingeborg Warnke, Wulf Rössler, Carlos Nordt, Uwe Herwig − Worldwide, new financial incentives are under discussion to control inpatient service consumption. The Swiss remuneration system is the first of its kind in Swiss inpatient psychiatry … [read more ...]


The Swiss SLE cohort study

By amillo Ribi, Marten Trendelenburg, Angèle Gayet-Ageron et al.  − This is the first study on clinical characteristics of patients affected by SLE in Switzerland. Several medical disciplines contributed to this effort. In contrast with other … [read more ...]

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Why did Swiss citizens refuse a comprehensive ­second-hand smoke ban?

By André-Dante Durham, Pascal Diethelm and Jacques Cornuz − Switzerland  has only a partial smoking ban full of exceptions which  has been in effect since 2010. This case study examines the reasons behind this rejection and draws some lessons … [read more ...]

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